Hygienic Butterfly Valves

Hygienic Select - Hygienic and sanitary valves, systems and accessories

Food, dairy, brewery, wine making and general hygienic process applications

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Actuated Valves

  1. AKO VMC Hygienic Pneumatic Pinch Valve
    From £256.00
    SKU: PV5384 Availability: Available
  2. Burkert Type 8802 ELEMENT Hygienic Diaphragm Continuous Control Valve System
    Price On Application
    From £0.00
    SKU: BD8802 Availability: Call Us: 01822 855600
  3. Burkert Type 2012 CLASSIC Globe Valves for Liquids and Gas
    From £291.65
    SKU: BL2012 Availability: Available
  4. Inoxpa 4800 Hygienic Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator and C Top
    From £650.18
    SKU: PA5274 Availability: Available
  5. Inoxpa 6400 Hygienic Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator and C Top
    From £677.94
    SKU: PA5301 Availability: Available
  6. Inoxpa NLR Regulating Seat Valve for Control Duties
    From £2,093.32
    SKU: HC5390 Availability: Available

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Hygienic Fittings

  1. Hygienic DIN Nut
    From £8.15
    SKU: HF1916 Availability: Available
  2. Hygienic Inlet Spray Ball
    From £84.00
    SKU: HF1934 Availability: Available
  3. Hygienic RJT Blank
    From £2.20
    SKU: HF1925 Availability: Available
  4. Hygienic SMS Weld Male
    From £3.84
    SKU: HF1914 Availability: Available
  5. Hygienic EPDM SMS Joint
    From £0.31
    SKU: HF1921 Availability: Available
  6. Hygienic 90° BS Bend
    From £6.58
    SKU: HF1902 Availability: Available