Hygienic Butterfly Valves

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Food, dairy, brewery, wine making and general hygienic process applications

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Hygienic Fittings

  1. Hygienic Pulled Tee
    From £3.72
    SKU: HF1937 Availability: Available
  2. Hygienic Equal Tee
    From £6.86
    SKU: HF1905 Availability: Available
  3. Hygienic 90⁰ (2 X Diameter) Bend
    Price On Application
    From £0.00
    SKU: HF1939 Availability: Call Us: 01822 855600
  4. Hygienic Pulled Cross
    From £23.70
    SKU: HF1938 Availability: Available
  5. Hygienic Envelope PTFE Clamp Joint Ring
    From £7.69
    SKU: HF1931 Availability: Available
  6. Hygienic DIN Blank
    From £6.26
    SKU: HF1924 Availability: Available