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Food, dairy, brewery, wine making and general hygienic process applications

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Manual Valves

Inoxpa 6400 Hygienic Ball Valve with Manual Locking Lever
From £226.79
SKU: HB5299 Availability: Available
Stainless Steel Ball Valve 3 Way Hygienic Direct Mount Clamp End
From £310.80
SKU: BV5102 Availability: Available
Inoxpa 4900 Hygienic Sandwich Butterfly Valve with 2 Position Pull Handle
From £225.60
SKU: HB5288 Availability: Available
Inoxpa 4800 Hygienic Butterfly Valve with Multi Position Handle
From £115.46
SKU: HB5270 Availability: Available
Mars Ball Valve Series 77SN 3 Piece Hygienic OD Weld End
From £69.89
SKU: BV5135 Availability: Available
Burkert Type 3233 Hygienic Diaphragm Valve
From £118.65
SKU: BU3233 Availability: Available

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