Burkert Type 8801 ELEMENT 3 Way Globe Valve System

  • Pneumatically operated
  • 3 Way, 2 Positions diverting globe valve
  • Stainless Steel body
  • FDA approved wetted parts
  • BSP Threaded
  • Sizes G1/2 to G2
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Burkert Type 8801 ELEMENT Globe Valve System

Burkert Type 8801 Diverting Globe Valve Control System, comprising of:

Pneumatically operated 3 ways 2 position ELEMENT Type 2106 seat valve used for diverting fluids and gases offering long service life and maintenance free operation. The valve is FDA approved and because of its stainless steel construction it is suitable for hygienic and harsh environments. IP67 and suitable for CIP and wash down.

Suitable for water, alcohol, oils fuels, hydraulic fluids, salt solutions, alkali solutions and compressed air.

Burkert Type 8697/8690 control tops, fit securely onto the ELEMENT actuators and provide Open/Close position feedback through two proximity switches with the option of controlling the process valve by way of a 24VDC pilot solenoid. The control top utilises internal control air channels and a unique design that enables recycling of the process air to prevent environmental contamination of the actuator’s internal chambers. Combined with the IP65 electrical protection and the chemically resistant housing, the valve is ideally suited to demanding process environments.

Key features of the Type 2101 are:

  • Available in sizes: G 1/2 up to G 2.
  • Medium temperature: Up to 185°C.
  • Long service life and maintenance free operation.

Download the technical PDF datasheets for the Burkert Type 2106 ELEMENT Globe Valve, Burkert Type 8690 or the Burkert Type 8697.

More Information
Body Material Stainless Steel
Size G1/2, G3/4, G1, G1 1/4, G1 1/2, G2
Design 3 Way
Manufacturer Burkert

The following downloads are available for the Burkert Type 8801 ELEMENT Globe Valve System:

Burkert Type 2106 ELEMENT Globe Valve Datasheet

Burkert Type 8690 Datasheet

Burkert Type 8697 Datasheet