Burkert Energy Saving 'Kick & Drop' Solenoid Valves

Burkert Energy Saving 'Kick & Drop' Solenoid Valves


Burkert Energy Saving Kick & Drop Solenoid Valves

What Are 'Kick & Drop' Solenoid Valves?

Burkert's Kick & Drop Solenoid Valves are designed for energy efficiency and reliable performance, featuring advanced double-coil technology to reduce power consumption and heat generation. The unique 'Kick & Drop' mechanism ensures silent operation and meets EMC requirements, showcasing Burkert's commitment to innovation and quality in various applications.

Energy Saving & Silent Operation

Kick & Drop technology in solenoid valves uses a high voltage pulse to open the valve, followed by a switch to lower holding power. This reduces power consumption, conserves energy, and minimises self-heating, extending valve service life exceptionally. K&D electronics operate silently, avoiding disturbance to humans and animals, unlike traditional pulse-width modulation control units.

Energy Saving & Silent Operation

The Type 6281:

The Burkert Type 6281 Brass Solenoid Valve is a servo-assisted, 2/2 way valve with FKM seals, suitable for various applications. Its Kick & Drop coil reduces holding power by up to 7 watts, achieving energy saving of up to 80%. This design enhances durability and reduces calcification due to self-heating, providing up to 200% more activation power.

The Type 6231:

The Type 6231 Solenoid Valve also has a brass body and FKM seals. It's a normally closed, servo-assisted 2/2 way valve featuring Kick & Drop, which decreased holding power by up to a huge 1 watts, resulting in up to 80% energy savings. The coils efficiency and longevity make it perfect for applications requiring energy saving and less calcification. 

Ideal Environments

Burkert's Kick & Drop solenoid valves are ideal for sectors like installation and heating, ensuring energy efficiency and consistent performance. They are suitable for controlling lime-containing water, excluding electromagnetic field faults, controlling fluid and gas temperature below 55°C, and operating in gas or tap water safety systems. These valves provide a versatile solution for various industrial applications, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability.

Innovative Technology

Our range of Burkert's supreme range of Kick & Drop Solenoid Valves stand out for innovative energy-saving technology, robust design, and versatile application range. The valves not only meet the highest standards of efficiency and durability, but also ensure silent and reliable operation in diverse industrial settings. Whether it's or installation, heating, or fluid control, these Kick & Drop solenoids will offer you unparalleled performance and longevity.

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