Hygienic Valves for Dairy, Brewing, food & beverage Process control

Hygienic Valves for Dairy, Brewing, food & beverage Process control


Part of Valves Online group of ‘select specialist catalogues’ Hygienic Select has the largest range of Manual, Actuated, solenoid, Control/Instrumentation Valves and Pipes/Fittings for hygienic applications on the web.

Hygienic Select specialises in hygienic and sanitary valves, systems and accessories for Food, dairy, brewery, winemaking and general hygienic process applications.

One of the largest sectors for the South West is dairy process control, which is why Valves Online have collaborated with many dairy sites across the county offering knowledge and experience in complete, control loops for flow, conductivity, pH, temperature, pressure measurement to meet your batching, water handling, filling, heating, cooling, separating or pasteurising.


Cheese and milk

At Valves Online we understand that compactness, smart communication, plant footprint, wash-down and reliability are everyday concerns and we are here to provide you with the best solutions for all your process control needs.


Typical valves and solutions we have supplied into hygienic sites include:


Pneumatic Actuated Spring Return Hygienic Butterfly Valve Diaphragm Valves Modular Seat Valve System Modular seat valve system

Pneumatic Actuated Spring Return Hygienic Butterfly Valve

One of our bestselling economy valves from stock our Pneumatic Actuated Spring Return Hygienic Butterfly Valve is suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Process) in dairy process applications. A pneumatically actuated sanitary valve with Stainless Steel body, Food Grade EPDM seal in OD Weld, RJT Male / Male Clamp, SMS, IOF and PIN End connection, AISI Stainless Steel actuator cylinder and Spring Return function.

Modular Diaphragm Valve System

Efficient diaphragm on/off and control valve modules, supplied as standard with various process connections. All of which can be combined to give you the best possible match for both the media and the application.

Modular Seat Valve System

Designed especially for steam and liquid media found in CIP, pasteurisation and washdown systems. With advanced on/ off and modulating control features, de-centralised automation and fieldbus communications systems.
The new 3320 Electromotive 2/2 way angle seat valve option available.

Full Bore Magflowmeters Universal Hygienic Control Head Pneumatic Actuated Hygienic Ball Valve

Full Bore Magflowmeters

For low to high-flow continuous measurement or batch control. The Type 8056 controls high precision dosing and filling when combined with a valve an actuating element valve.

Universal Hygienic Control Head

A new range of control heads for the de-centralised pneumatic automation of butterfly, ball, and mix-proof valves. With the appropriate IP class and chemical resistance combined with smooth external lines. The perfect choice for your environment.
• Kieselmann • AWH • Pentair (Südmo) • SPX (APV) • GEA • Alfa-Laval • Inoxpa • Definox • Evoguard (Krones)
Available on request

Pneumatic Actuated Hygienic Ball Valve

Rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are easily fitted to our hygienic range of cavity filled ball valves and can be fitted simply with a vast range of additional extras such as switchboxes and pilot solenoids. Good for up to 500,000 cycles the pneumatic actuator continues to be the workhorse of most modern automatic valve systems. Offered in fail closed or open versions and double-acting. Pilot solenoids, Switchboxes and position controllers easily fitted.

New Products Coming Soon

New actuated ball and butterfly valves New Jacketed Butterfly Valve

New Ball and Butterfly Valves System

The new 2053 pneumatic rotary actuator which has options for on/off or process control. The actuator has been developed from the Element range, offering a sleek and lean appearance with options for fitting the very latest control technology in modular form that will meet the demands of any modern automatic environment. Suitable for use in sanitary applications including food & bev.

New Jacketed Butterfly Valve

Manual and actuated operation for

• Viscous or temperature critical
• Food media
• Chocolate lines
• Glucose
• Fat
• Syrup
• Jam
• Boiled syrup

Coming soon

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Food, dairy, brewery, winemaking and general hygienic process applications